Counselling Services

My counselling approach is holistic; I invite your body, your breath, and your mind into a conversation focusing on what you perceive as challenging. I will provide feedback to help you identify problematic thinking and emotionally patterned, unhelpful behaviour.

Together with relevant information and resources to help you focus and build your self-awareness and self-regulation skills, I will support you to:

• Shift from confusion to clarity
• Learn more effective coping strategies and solutions
• Move away from frustration, anxiety, confusion, and despair
• Move toward greater peace, effectiveness, and optimism
• Repair relationship, transcend stalemates and improve communication

Although you cannot change others, you do exert influence through your behaviour and choices. Resolving to become more self-aware, to gain understanding and master any one particular problem or concern creates the likelihood of positive change in other areas of your life, including your important relationships.

Self-awareness, a reliable anchor in the fluid and ever-changing landscape we inhabit, is the foundation for self-mastery, a process of learning that offers increased happiness, health and self-confidence through becoming more self-directed. As a self-aware individual, you are able to monitor and understand your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, values, and behaviours, and to realize how they affect you and others. Being self-aware means having an increasingly clear perception of your personality, including strengths, weaknesses, attitudes, and preferences.

Paradoxically, many life issues draw your attention away from your inner knowing, leaving you with the feeling that you are drowning in your troubles, worries, and challenges. Anxiety, depression, trauma and traumatic stress, sleep problems, diminished assertiveness and self-esteem, unresolved grief, conflict of all kinds, family problems, separation and divorce, unskilled communication and work/ career problems can all be interpreted as signals that your awareness is not where it needs to be.

Shifting your awareness away from the ‘field’ of what you are ‘supposed to be doing or accomplishing’ toward your self, you can discover that you do know what is needed to create positive change.

I am a provider to Health Canada, Homewood Health and Vancouver Family Services Employee Assistance Programs, Veterans Affairs/MedaVie Blue Cross, the Crime Victim Assistance Program of BC and the First Nations Health Authority Health Benefits Crisis Intervention Mental Health and Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support Programs.

I offer clinical supervision to those working in the social work, human services and counselling fields.

Payment is due at the end of each session and is payable by cheque, cash or through e-Transfer.
Hourly rate is $120.
Receipts are provided and may be claimed on income tax through the Medical Expense Tax Credit (METC).

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