Client feedback is excellent, with 100% of clients reporting that they would recommend the EAP to others, 100% reporting that their satisfaction was either Very High or High, and 100% reporting that their ability to deal with the situation that brought them to EAP has improved.  Client’s commented that they appreciated Susan’s openness, and appreciated knowing that help was available

FSEAP Affiliate Feedback 2017

“Just a quick note to thank you for the way you held space for me on Sunday. I felt very safe, understood and accepted as I shared the breakup story with you, and I also felt your gentle prodding, encouraging me to look deeper still, and to continue unpacking.”


Thank you Susan. We are on the Coho waving at you! Thanks for your input into our lives. It is much appreciated. You are very good at what you do! See you in September.


I am honestly reluctant to close the file, just yet, because it has been so profoundly beneficial coming to see you (and) a looming obstacle remains. Perhaps there is little you can offer there, but I remain optimistic that you would be helpful again should I need it.


Just wanted to say thank you so much for our session today. I always gain so much from talking to you…  Thanks again, so happy to have you in my life and appreciate you pushing me and your honesty!


And thank you (on behalf of myself and your very many clients) for your lovely, listening presence.  Feeling lighter.


Thank you for your message.  I feel good and I’m excited about the coming summer!  I coped with the anxiety at the end of the school year and feel I have the resources and strategies I need, in part due to the work we did together. Thank you again for your listening and your help.


“I just wanted to say Hi and also thank you so much for introducing me to John Kabat-Zinn and mindfulness practices.  I have found that they have had a significant impact on my outlook on life and have even helped reduce some of my physical pain.  I am planning to take a course through the pain clinic next month (it’s the same as the one offered in the community that is linked on your website). I’ve had a lot of ups and downs health-wise since I saw you last, but I feel like I am moving forward now.  I am doing a gradual return to work and it is going well at the moment.” 2016

“…Everything is great on our end in terms of your standing with us! Your availability and experience make you the most desirable counsellor in Victoria!” FSEAP 2016

“Susan is a lovely lady – very gentle in her approach and compassionate.” 2015

“My wife and I attended 8 hours of couples counselling with Ms. Williams in May, June and July of 2014. Ms. Williams projects a calming and relaxing atmosphere for her clients. The sessions were held in a clean and uncluttered room with a lovely city view. It was a nice setting for us during some otherwise very painful conversation in couples counselling. As a counselor, Ms. Williams has a knack for putting people at ease and getting them to talk about difficult subjects. She is very good at giving equal time to couples and making sure no one dominates the conversation. She appears to have a good understanding of different cultures and tries very hard to accommodate peoples beliefs and identities into her practice. Ms. William is a good listener, is well prepared for sessions, and took very good notes during the session. She is able to note discrepancies in testimony or differences in attitude or perspective in her clients. Continuity between sessions was smooth and well thought out. Over all, our experience in couples counselling with Susan was very helpful and a positive experience.” 2014

“As you can see, the overall comments regarding the services you provided are positive and serve as evidence of the excellent work that you offer on behalf of our service.” 2011

Health Canada, Workplace Health and Public Safety Program, Employee Assistance Services, Quality Assurance Supervisor

“Susan Williams was very helpful and professional and innovative. Left session feeling better than when arrived. Great service. Thank you.” 2010

“We would like to express our appreciation … for the excellent service you continue to provide our Employee Assistance Services clients. After our site visit, we were able to confirm that everything was in order and you have met the standards that were established by the Employee Assistance Services. This reflects a good understanding of the EAS procedures, mandate, standards of quality and a high degree of professionalism.” 2009, Health Canada, Workplace Health and Public Safety Program, Employee Assistance Services, Quality Assurance Supervisor